I want to show you my story, told by myself and by all the related documents; it will be told by people that lived it, and be told by itself...


7 years of hard struggles to demonstrate my father’s innocence were not enough


If I had retreated after 7 years, and not after 15 days, than the process would have been re-opened immediately, without any problem.

Do you think this is right?

This site wants to be the witness of an injustice: mine and that of my family. But it also wants to help all the people that, as us, suffered and struggled for something in which believed, but that has destroyed them:




How I could tell this terrible story? I will try to explane it with you...

Febrary 1993:

12 April 1999:"My injustice"

9 April 1999:

I began to tell dott. Rossi 

the terible story

23 March 2000: Demand for clemence

definitive sentence of 

Court Supreme 

2 September 2000: "Eminent President..."


07/11/2000 No clemence The news

«Un falso stupro»: la grazia è respinta

 (IL GIORNO-Sondrio)


10 September 2000: ANSA publishes the interview with Alessandra B.
Accusò il padre, poi chiese la grazia: no del ministero  (il Gazzettino)

Mr. President, I want a reason... 

11 September: the TV transmits an interview with Alessandra B.
IL CASO: Fece condannare suo padre Richiesta di graziarespinta(Corriere della sera)

Compassion for my daughter, and an  innocent man...

12 September 2000: the news is being diffused by the newspapers.
Accusato di stupro dalla figlia: niente grazia (IL GIORNO-Milano) 14 September 2000: Alessandra B. is interviewed by Radio 24.
Respinta la grazia chiesta per il papà (la Repubblica) 17 September 2000: Alessandra gives another interview with “Il Giornale”
28 September 2000:interview on magazine Panorama, written by Marcella Andreoli.

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